TV Commercial on a $15 Budget

Every quarter my company has a new marketing campaign and I have to come up with a new television commercial. This summer we decided on "Calling All Superheroes!".

We decided to go with this theme to show not all superheroes are like superman or batman, they may be your average joe. This commercial shows how you can save a life and be a superhero by donating blood.

We spent $15 on an amazing voice over and then only needed 3 slow motion shots to tell the story. We used a pocket jib with our Nikon D750 to get the first shot. The blood donation shot was filmed using our Rhino Slider and the last shot was a static shot where we had to use dental floss to make our super hero's cape fly, which we edited out in post production using adobe premiere pro.

All the equipment used for this simple commercial is below:

Camera - Nikon D750 - Lens - Tamron 24-70 2.8 - Pocket Jib -

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